TED is a non-commercial enterprise and all TEDx events are similarly not-for-profit.

TEDxNewy will be free for those invited and selected to attend and is therefore only possible due to the generous support of a select group of companies and organisations committed to supporting the transformative power of ideas.

As with everything to do with TED, the emphasis is on quality.

We need the help of organisations that:
+ Believe in bringing together business and individuals who want to be change agents with remarkable thinking and ideas.
+ Want to leverage ideas, technologies, design, and education to help create a better future.
+ Realise the importance of investing in your local community to support innovation and the power of great ideas.
+ Want your brand associated with the organisation that is the world leader in innovation.

Organisations can donate via cash and in-kind sponsorships to help with:

Media Support | Creative Production | Printing | Communications | Commercial Law | Signage & Lanyards | Volunteers | Merchandise |  Attendee Bag Items | Catering | Venue & Production | Staging | Entertainment & Interstitials | Teaser Video Production | Legals | Insurance | Accounting | Transportation | Web Hosting | Website Design & Management | Filming | Technology & Systems |  Photography | Streaming | Outside Broadcast | Video Editing |  Speaker Nomination |  Speaker Training | Speaker Souvenirs | Speaker Accommodation & Travel | Post-Event Drinks Reception |

Your organisation will benefit from:
+ Positive brand alignment
+ Access to a loyal, educated audience
+ Media coverage
+ Recognition across a local marketing campaign
+ Bespoke leverage opportunities
+ Naming rights
+ Access to influential stakeholders

If your organisation is interested in supporting TEDxNewy please contact us.